Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Drew at 2

Drew had an amazing second birthday: balloons, a Mater/Lightning McQueen cake, siblings to help blow out the cake and Grandma/Grandpa and Auntie Amy to help celebrate.  His favorite present was probably the lawn mower bubble maker that Auntie got him.  She got Ethan a similar one at age 2 and it was a huge hit.

Some of his new tricks are:
- Crazy verbal progress.  Saying full sentences.  3 word sentences started around 20 months, but since then he ask for most everything and even tell me that some boys were being naughty at the gym daycare. 
- Getting interested in his new balance bike.  He can do a couple pushes and cruise now.
- Hitting everyone with toys, bats, balls, etc.  We've had to do some talking about how hands are not for hitting.  There's a pile of toys that have been taken away from him and placed above the cabinets.
- Reading to himself.  Memorizing books like Starry Safari.  One of his favorite phases is "Yikes, a wily crocodile."  It's so fun to hear him say these things.  It reminds me exactly of how Eliana was at age 2. 
- Skiing.  He goes with me and we had a scary run-away toddler on skis moment the other day at Alpental, but he's so excited to do it.  He yells, "weeeee" as we coast down the hill trying to make turns and pushing our skis together like a slice of pizza.
- Climbing in and out of his bed.  He's been doing this since about 20 months, but getting him to nap and to sleep are a bit trickier.  He still sleeps in his crib at night, but his mattress is all the way on the floor.  It's amazing how he can get his sleep sack off by undoing the zipper and gracefully climb out of the crib.  He then turns on the lights in his room and opens the door.  Like a little ninja!
- TANTRUMS! Yesterday we were taking Ethan to lacrosse practice and we passed by the playground.  Of course he wanted to play, but I told him we had to drop Ethan off first.  So he hucked himself on the turf soccer field and screamed the whole way to the field.  ahhh, 2!
- Swimming.  He started with Miss Kathy at KTAP and actually did his own class today for the first time.  He cried the whole time but he's able to kick his legs now and hold on to the wall.  So fun to watch him progress.
- Loves Cars by Disney and is obsessed with Lightning McQueen and Mater.  He's fully transitioned from Moana (around 3 months ago) and is fully onboard with the Cars theme now.

He continues to love to read and snuggle. I love that he'll come up to me and put his head on my lap.  My mom said something interesting after his birthday the other day.  She said, "Watching him with his toys, he's only a 2-year old."  We're so used to him playing at Eliana and Ethan's level, that we sometimes forget how old he really is. 

He's started to show interest in potty training and tells us when he's going.  He loves to hide behind the couch and say, "I'm pooping.  Need privacy." 

He continues to have scrapes and bruises on his head at all times.  His most recent one was when he fell on the edge of the metal stairs at the park. I'm still putting Vitamin E on that cut in hopes there's no scar.  He still is full of joy and love at every turn.  He has an open mouth smile most times of the day and still pounds his milk at every meal.  Some of his favorite foods continue to be avocado, banana, butternut squash, eggs and mac n cheese.

He completes our family and is so wonderful.  Happy 2nd birthday, Ju Ju Bee.  We love you so!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Drew at 18 months

Drew is breaking my back...and huge!
Stats at 18 months:
Weight: 29 lbs 10 oz (98% tile)
Height: 34.25" (95% tile)
HC: 19.5 in (95% tile)

At 17 months, Drew had a huge developmental push.  He stopped sleeping through the night and was very fussy.  Right around this time, we also went to Italy and left him and the two E's with my parents and Amy....Anyway, right after 17 months, his speech exploded.  Every day, he was saying two + new words.  It's so fun to watch.  Some of his latest words (thanks to older siblings) are: "fight" (for pillow fight), "pipe down",  "love you", "Gama" (Grandpa), "soccer."

Some of his other tricks are:
- Going down steep driveways on his scooter
- Running to keep up with E & E
- Hiking on the trails with Mommy
- Going pee in the potty (twice, don't hold your breath...)
- Kicking the soccer ball without face planting
- Getting into the car by himself
- Honking the horn in the car
- Holding an ouchie and saying, "kiss"
- Making a mess while eating...spoons are still hard for him
- Getting into the sink and bath with his clothes on...and unassisted starting bath and sink by himself
- He takes showers with Daddy since he doesn't like to be left out

He loves his sleep sacks still and loves his "Fa-ck" (Fox stuffed animal).  He loves snuggling with mommy and daddy at 5:00 am when he wakes up and always prefers to play with the two E's versus Mom and Dad.  Currently his favorite book is "I love you, Stinky Face" but he's definitely getting into the "Ha-ween" books and loving "Little Blue Truck's Halloween."  He can completely do stairs unassisted now and is always trying to escape out the garage door into the garage, take off on his scooter without shoes and a helmet.  I follow shortly chasing after him.  He constantly is saying, "park" as he could spend every minute outside.  He knows what a lollipop is at 18 months (third child advantage) and loves to point at all the trucks while we drive.  He is enjoying his Redmond Toddler Group, even thought I think most moms are freaked out by how much he can climb and how much I let him be a kid.  He is putting two words together now like, "Dada work."  This age is so amazing and fun, exhausting, but amazing.  His hair is a constant compliment around the town; toe-headed curly locks; so beautiful and amazing.  I'm scared to cut it so we'll let it go out of control for as long as we can. 

He's a constant joy and entertainment, even when he pours out all of Eliana's beads on the craft room floor. 

We love you, Ju Ju Bee!!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Drew at 15 months

I thought I had posted at 12 months, but I guess the third child gets what they get:)
Drew continues to be such an adventurous, happy, active and HUGE little toddler.  He finds most joy in copying big brother and being outside.  At 12 months, Drew had three words: dog, truck and dada.  Dog being his first word thanks to lots of visits from Molly (Amy's dog).  His dog sounds more like "da" but we can translate.

At 15 months now, his stats are as follows:
-Weight: 28 lbs 5 oz 98%tile
-Height: 32.75" 95%tile
-Head Circumference: 19.25"  95%tile

His new tricks are going up and down the stairs on his own.  He prefers to use the railing instead of actually going on his tummy.  And when he holds my hand to go down, he tries to skip and jump steps, thanks to watching big brother.  Thanks to his little language teachers on trips in the car, he can now say, "ruff ruff" to "what's a dog say?" He also says: hi, ow, sheep ('sha'), balloon ('boon'), uppie (up or help, I can't tell).  He loves to be outside and from the beginning of the day, he stands at the back door with his shoes.  He can safely go up the swing set stairs and down the slide on his own.  He loves our trips to the beach and the pool, but he's not as into it as Eliana was when she was a baby.  He loves to kick the soccer ball and gets lots of practice when we are at the big kids' practices.  He can slowly scoot on a scooter now and frequently puts his helmet on.  He is very adventurous and will wonder off alone in addition to loving to climb up on the dining room table and piano:)

He still loves a good snuggle and although I am weaning him (down to one morning feeding after this week), he is a very good cuddler and loves his songs and snuggles.  He's pretty much down to one nap now, but will take a second in the car if we're gone long enough.  The best part is how much he loves his time with Ethan and Eliana.  He's really going to miss them this fall when school starts.  Yesterday when Ethan and Drew were playing in the sand box, Ethan was straddled trying to scoop sand onto himsself like a mermaid and Drew just went and plopped down in front of him and laid his back on Ethan's chest.  We've spent quite a bit of time outside reading on the deck this summer, such a joy and pleasant way to be outside.

His favorite foods include: avocado, blueberries, eggs (fried), sausage, turkey, apples.  He gets far more treats as a third child, which is really fun.  And he managed to stay up until 10:30 for fireworks on the 4th of July.  He's a true joy and although busy and super physical, we love watching this crazy and fun toddler phase again.

We love you, Ju Ju Bee!!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Drew at 11 months

Well, we predicted he would walk before 1 and he did.  Right at 11 months, he did it!  Nate and I watched him walk across the family room from the couch to us, it was Nate's second time witnessing our kids' first steps.  He saw Eliana do it at the car rental in Mexico and then Drew.  Drew is so proud of himself and he's so eager that he basically tries to run and gets on his tippy toes before face planting.  He doesn't really mind and his head shows it. He has a new bruise every day and looks like he's been in a bar fight.

Some other things at 11 months:
- He's very opinionated about his diaper changes now.  He hates them and I have to come up with either a new toy or new song to even get it on before he wiggles away.
- Drew is loving the swing outside and getting rain pants on and exploring the back yard and grounds at Ethan's pre-school.  He even got to crawl around at the skate park the other day while Ethan cruised around on his bike.  Go go third child.  This guy will see more skate park than a regular park.
- He loves reading, but is very picky about what he wants.  He basically likes the touch and feel or little animal books.
- Loves eating, a special love affair with eggs, toast, butternut squash, guacamole (but not plain avocado), apple sauce and string cheese.  He's grown to like blueberries and is still loving mandarin organs.  He does all finger food and it's fabulous.  He tries the spoon, but we are still working at that.  No luck with getting him to suck out of a straw yet.
- He can go up the stairs and can manage a stair or two coming down.  We're still working on going down the whole flight of stairs.  He practically jumps out of my arms to head up the stairs, another climber on our hands!
- He loves playing on the mini trampoline with Ethan.  He loves tackling Ethan and rough housing.  Go figure!
- He loves to say the consonant, "na na" or "nacka nacka".  Tonight I swear he said "duck" in the bath which would be his first word.  But not totally sold on that.
- Still nursing like a champ.  Thank goodness because we made a trip to the ER this weekend for stomach virus and that's the only thing he wanted to do for comfort.
- Loves to play with his block train and put blocks in and out.  Also is still in love with balls of all sorts.  He would much rather eat markers than play with old baby toys at this point.
- Waves "Hi" and does "How big is Andrew?"
- Does "high five" and runs for hugs
- Is a pure delight and joy and so happy to see anyone.  He's cried a couple times when leaving him at the gym, but it only lasts a minute.
- Got his two bottom teeth in right around 11 months.
- Growing a crazy curly mohawk, with receding hairlines.  His hair is awesome right now.
- Definitely going to have Nate's skin tone, a bit whiter than me: )
- Still napping twice/day and going to bed with the bunny Ethan picked out for him at the hospital when he was born.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Drew - 10 months

Our little Ju Ju Bee is still as happy go lucky, but sometimes developing more of an opinion about things.  He still amazes us with his little ninja roll that we can't quite capture on video.  He basically falls down from staring up and instead of bonking his head, he does a quick roll to get out of it.  He's especially good at this when very sleepy.

Here's some of his new tricks or preferences:
- Shakes head "no no no" when sleepy and makes us all laugh (especially when at Disneyland at dinner)
- Loves tackling his brother and sister...his way of "giving them a hug"
- Tries to say "all done" by either shaking his hands around or imitating my word intonation
- Continues to love string cheese, fried eggs, pears, oranges and apple sauce squeezers
- Loves when Ethan and Eliana push him very fast in his umbrella stroller
- Makes trips to the bus stop via his new 4-in-1 trike (thanks, Nonna and Grandpa) and loves it
- Usually takes two naps a day...where he naps is mostly in his crib...but given our activities, there are times he only naps in the car...sorry, Drew!
- Loves when Daddy gets home
- Still nursing exclusively and now up to 23 lbs
- Letting go and standing and balancing...has taken a few stutter steps but nothing very solid yet.  I'm sure walking will happen pretty soon
- Still no teeth, but I can see the indentions in the bottom part of his mouth
- Loves to read touch and feel books like, "Little Giraffe" and "That's Not my Bunny"
- Getting more opinionated about diaper changes
- Drools all over, but spit up has significantly slowed down
- Has a new love affair with balls, especially Ethan's basketball and my little butterfly ball from growing up.  The other day he sat in the kitchen and bounced the basketball forever while I got dinner ready
- Still loves baths and all the silliness that comes with it with three kiddos in the tub
- Continues to make "da da" "ba ba" as his main consonant sounds

He is such a joy to be around.  He can play on his own, but happily comes to us when he needs us and wants us to be silly with him.  Still loves the "I'm gonna getcha'" game.

We love you, Ju Ju!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Drew at 9 months

Drew still remains his happy, easy-going attitude.
- He weighs 22 lbs (85-90% tile), is 29.4" long (90% tile) and HC is 18.5' (95% tile).  He actually lost a little weight from last check in, but doc thinks that's because he's so busy crawling and cruising.
- He now sits up in the bath tub with a towel underneath him and loves sibling craziness and the water.
- Survived his first family ski trip to Mission Ridge, even loved the cold pool water at night.  And did fine at the daycare while Mommy skied and came in to nurse him every couple hours.
- Loves gross motor skills and exploring the house.  When we follow him up the stairs, he loves to crawl up them.
- Loves his walkers and things that make him move, including his new train that Ethan can push him around on.
- Loves his eggs, sausage, oranges and string cheese.  Not a huge fan of berries or broccoli yet, but we are working on that:)
- Easily uses sippy cup on his own.  And if given at every meal, would love the spoon to naw on for his gums.
- Still no teeth, but having solid naps and night time sleep.  Usually 2 naps day for 1-2 hours each.
- Loves playing peek-a-boo and keep away with mom or Ethan or Daddy.
- Is obsessed with the "Little Blue Truck's Christmas" book.  He loves the twinkling lights at the end.
- He also loves any books with sensory objects like, "Little Lion" (puppet book) and "Little Giraffe" (Puppet book).
- Got some new bath toys for Christmas and is loving those.
- Gets a couple bumps and scratches a week on his head or face.  He's so active, he can't control pulling things down on himself or over.
- Attempting to sign "all done" when at the table
- Loves to clap and give mommy kisses (by sucking on my nose)
- Is a bundle of joy and so happy, we are truly blessed.

Drew - 8 moths

Well, 8 months came and passed so quickly I hardly had time to jot anything down.  Drew at 8 months:

- Fully crawling  crawling  and pulling himself up.  Crusing a little.
- Loving sibling time
- Loving eating, especially eggs, other meat, carrots and squash
- Taking 2-3 naps/day
- Super happy in any situation, even with strangers
- Survived mommy leaving for a girls trip to San Diego.  Polished off all frozen breastmilk and even gulped down some formula (good job, peanut!)